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Life story
October 26, 2008
Born on October 26, 2008.
October 7, 2015
I remember chasing dad to get me a dog while I completed my 12th (2007) . Finally, it was diwali time and we were shopping in Delhi when my dad agreed to get a pet for us.

Green eyes, light brown fur jusy like a small baby he looked like.We used to make these boxes and took turns to sleep around him to check if he does not get himself into trouble.There were nights when he cried missing his mom .

We got him vaccinated and his doctor told us to feed him Cerelac ( Milk and Powder stuff). I remember my mother doing this for my brother when he was a kid .

For me, he was and will be my baby, my child .

As he grew up, he turned out to be beautiful, and strong. He was never one of those dogs who loved playing with water. It was a mountain task to get him to the bathroom and then soak yourself wet while giving him one.

We loved treating him bones, biscuits, new clothes.

He used to get angry when we came back home from holidays and we knew he barked in his way to tell us that "you left me for so many days and went". That care, that love when you come back because someone is waiting for you. We all miss it .

His younger days, he played ball, tore bedsheets, took away clothes and ruined them even ate my new Nike Sandals, but for all he was always cherished.

When he was scolded for doing something wrong ..this baby knew that he was being told not to do something again .So intelligent was ..He always knew we all love him ..He rubbed his body against ours to tell him to take out ..

Whie walking he suddenly stopped by to get our hands to caress him , his head .

Every evening my brother took him for a walk. Bruno loved Cottage Cheese, curd and most of all eggs. His ears stood straight up as we mentioned eggs !

But he loved experimenting with food since he got bored easily ,while I used to eat my breakfast he used to finish half of it with me .I cooked pasta he used to be my partner .

Sweets though we avoided giving him ..But a little share we always gave him (he loved cakes ,chocolates and gems)  ..It was always a six member family ..

We never knew there could be a moment he would not be there . Never knew that how would life be if he would not be there .

When we get up in the morning there would be no 1 to whom we say good morning or his barks used to wake us up on Sundays when dad left him on the terrace.

He was the closest to my mom and dad .He exactly knew when dad was on his way home .While he stood waiting for him on the door .

He never took a bite on his own since childhood ,we fed him .My mom fed him and he was so close to her.

We saw him grow and get young and finally when he needed us the most . It pains to write ,if there was another way to get him well anything all of us could do .

We lost him to Kidney Failure ,little we knew that his time was near and we were fighting everyday with him . As adults we remember the days when our parents told us " We will know when we have our own kids" .Now,I know.. I know what it feels to see your child unwell .To see him going through pain yet being helpless and fight with him and the hope that you would never ever lose him .

Bruno - Wherever you are may god bless you with more love than we gave and everything we could'nt .

You are missed every moment . 

And nothing will take you away from our memories .

Amen !